What sports are available?


Many of our products feature pictures, nameplates, varsity letters, and/or medals – and these can represent any sport.

Some of our products include a sport specific element – such as a panel from an actual volleyball, an actual hockey puck, or the head of a lacrosse fiddlestick.  We have examples from many sports, but if you don’t see yours it doesn’t mean we can’t make it.  We love developing new products and would be happy to work with you to make something custom and special. 

If you have a question about a sport specific element or any question about our products, please reach out….we would love to hear from you!  


 What does LTD provide and what does the customer provide?

Customers provide:

  • Pictures (either digital or hard copy)
  • Varsity letters (and pins)
  • Tournament medals

LTD Moments provides:

  • Sport specific element
  • Custom nameplate
  • Professional framing (glass front, wood base frame, double matte/v-groove, wire hanger)
  • Worry-free shipping


I don't see rush shipping options.  What if I have a deadline?

If you have a deadline - reach out to us and we will discuss options.  Expedited shipping options are available as an up-charge and we will work with you to understand your deadline and find the most economic solution available. 




I have a special sports element.  Can I include it?

Of course!  If you have the actual home run ball, winning running bib, or record-breaking volleyball…we can use your sports element instead of our provided ones.  Contact us to discuss best way to include your special piece.  



How do I know if my picture is going to work?

Since we are rarely enlarging pictures, most phone shots work just fine.  The key is to get us the best quality available – actual size from the original source. 

Another important consideration is the orientation.  Some products call for horizontal shots, others vertical, and some can use either.  If you aren’t sure – reach out to us and we can walk through the options to make sure it all works. 


Fun fact: Posed shots in uniform work just as well (and sometimes better) than action shots.  


What if I don’t see exactly what I want or am unsure of what’s best?

We are here to help!  Let us know what you trying to capture and what elements (varsity letter, medal, custom element) you have or want and we will figure it out together.  



What if we won a trophy instead of a medal?

We can’t cram that trophy into a frame effectively.  Trust me - we’ve tried!  However, you can take a picture with that trophy and use that as your product picture.  That works really well!!!


When can I expect to receive my MOMENT?

We can’t begin production until we receive all of your elements.  From there its usually 2-3 weeks.  If you have a deadline – let us know.  We work hard to make sure you have what you need for ceremonies, holidays, or other celebrations.  


How should I ship my stuff to you?

If you are sending us a medal or varsity letter, a simple padded envelope will do.  If you are sending hard copy of pictures, please use a cardboard sleeve to protect them from bending. 

You can send by whatever carrier you choose.  We recommend you have a tracking number, however, in the rare case they go missing.   There is no need to overnight or 2nd day send UNLESS we have a deadline issue that we have already discussed.


What if my MOMENT arrives damaged or there is an error/problem?

We take great care to ensure proper packaging for your MOMENT to arrive damage free.  However, if something went wrong – notify us immediately and we will work to rectify the problem quickly.


What do I put on my nameplate?

Nameplates are three lines with no more than 30 characters each.  There is no strict format - so you can say whatever you want.  However, we have learned that with the nameplates...less is more.  If you cram too much in it ends up harder to read.   Below are some examples, but much depends on the length of your individual names, school names, and important information - it varies by person.

Most common: Name, School, Class of

Mary Smith
Springfield High School
Class of 2021
Alt: sport included 
Mary Smith
Springfield High School
Varsity Volleyball
Alt: special note included
Mary Smith
Varsity Volleyball - captain
Springfield High School

 Alt: number included

Mary Smith - #7
Varsity Volleyball
Springfield High School


Alt: position included

Mary Smith 
Setter - #7
Varsity Volleyball

Alt: award distinction

Mary Smith 
Springfield HS Volleyball
2020-2021 State Champions