Hi all - see some options below.  We can do individual pieces or we can do as a team.  If we wanted to do something as a team we could probably make the 6/20 party date but would need to work quickly.  Note - the jersey option would definitely need more time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
When Smithtown West volleyball won Suffolk County - we had these medals made (since they didn't get any) and put together with their varsity letter, a 5x7 picture, and a custom nameplate. 
Varsity Medal wholesale: $135
Smithtown West Champs
Framed jerseys are awesome but two problems: you don't keep your high school jersey and the frames end up HUGE and hard to find space for them.
We found a solution by having jerseys replicated in youth small and framing them in a 16"x20" frame. The nameplate is extra large so we could include "Suffolk County Champions" there. 
Note: probably can't do by 6/20 but likely by early July.   These are a little more expensive since we have to buy the shirts.  Wholesale: $150.
Here is a west medal recipient  to give you a sense of the size:
West player with Varsity Medal product
Smaller options:
We could make the medals and frame with a picture.  These are 12"x 16" - wholesale $70.
Medal basic softball
Varsity basic is also an option.  Nameplate can say Suffolk County Champions. 
Also 12" x 16" - wholesale $70
Varsity Basic Softball
And to give you a sense of size - we did them one year for East football.  
East football